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Chamfer Tool Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

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JD Cutting Tools is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of Chamfer tools. We have been in the industry for many years and we have a wide range of variety to choose from. We Chamfer Tool Manufacturers in India also provide an expert team to serve you with the best quality products at reasonable prices.

With our expert team, we Chamfer Tool manufacturers in India offer a huge variety of products in different shapes, sizes, and materials to suit every customer’s needs. Our top-quality standard products are guaranteed to last long and these provide reasonable prices for their customers too. With a wide range of experience and knowledge, we chamfer tool manufacturers in India have been able to provide innovative solutions for their clients. Getting the believe in Chamfer Tool Suppliers in India.

What is a Chamfer Tool?

A chamfer tool is a small hand tool used to create a chamfer on the edge of a piece of wood. It is usually made from steel or high-quality wood and has a cutting edge that can be used for sharpening the blade.

It can also be used by furniture makers, cabinet makers, and sculptors as well as architects who need to create rounded corners in their designs. It is also used to remove burrs and create a smooth surface on the edge of an object.

The chamfer tool is usually a handheld device that can be easily used. There are also some large table-mounted tools that use a bar or wheel to cut the edges. Different types of materials require different types of chamfer cutting techniques.


Industrial chamfer tools feature a variety of different types of cutting edges with different shapes. These include circular, square, triangular, and beveled edges. The shape of the edge is important because it helps the tool cut more efficiently into surfaces.

The Chamfer Tool has been designed to provide a high-precision cutting edge on various materials such as metals, plastics, and wood. It is typically made of hardened steel, aluminum or carbide-tipped blades that are attached to a handle with bearings. It is also able to handle a wide variety of materials by using interchangeable blades with different shapes.

The features of the Industrial Chamfer edge Tool are as follows:

  • • It can be used for both straight and curved surfaces
  • • It can cut through metal
  • • The tool uses carbide inserts for long-lasting cutting performance
  • • It has an adjustable depth stop
  • • It comes with a carrying case


The Application of Chamfer Tool Manufacturers , Suppliers in India

  • • The chamfer tool has been used for decades in industries like construction, aerospace, mining, automotive, and manufacturing.
  • • It is commonly used in manufacturing to create a chamfered edge on hard materials like steel or aluminum. The tool can be made from different materials, such as plastic and wood, but they typically have an abrasive cutting wheel attached to a shaft that spins at high speed.