Making aerospace safer, more powerful and more efficient

Application : Aerospace

All major aero engine manufacturers today use JD Cutting Tools advanced materials, functional coatings or process technologies to boost performance, improve safety and fuel efficiency, and control emissions.

To successfully address both challenges, some components in the jet engine, for example need to change. They must become lighter and more resilient to higher operating temperatures, fretting, sliding wear and corrosion. Engines and many other critical components have to be further developed in order to reduce fuel consumption, and CO2, NOx and CH4 emissions. Manufacturers cannot achieve these goals alone.

JD Cutting Tools provides significant added value with our vital expertise in advanced materials and process technologies, developing new materials and coatings to improve performance across the aerospace industry. Additionally, we develop new textiles to ensure passenger safety. Many aircraft are already benefitting. For example, our coatings protect turbine components and combustors from extreme temperatures to achieve class‑leading gains in operating efficiency. As a result, all next‑generation aircraft engines make extensive use of these coatings.